Thought of the day

It’s easier to hide what you’re afraid of than to speak it. Speaking things into existence is not something that I really buy into. I understand the whole concept but I don’t really think that I have that power to change my life by mumbling a few encouraging words to myself. Although this may sound pretty pessimistic I am an optimist. I believe wholeheartedly that things will work out even if the outcome is less than favorable. Although hiding is appealing, it is also very unrealistic. Just because you close your eyes doesn’t mean that your problems go away. Just because you can’t see them does not mean that they can’t see you. Being up front and facing your problems head on is terrifying, believe me, but you can’t be afraid forever. You have to own up to the trouble you may or may not have caused and head out and be brave. It is the only way that you will survive, because life is less than fair at times.

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