Descartes said in his meditations that you can’t

Descartes said in his meditations that you can’t trust your senses. That they deceive you into believing that something is one way when it really is another way. It makes you think of being blindfolded and someone sticking your hands in pasta or jello and creeping you out.

We are all walking around blind at times. Unsure of what to say or how to say it poetically enough that you don’t come across mean or rude. That’s usually my issue. I mouth off my honest opinion, which isn’t always asked for, and I come across as “blunt,” or “uncaring.” Truthfully, I do care. I care too much at times and that often lands me in a pile of hurt because I can be passionate about the things that influence me the most, like my favorite artists, authors or philosophers.

It doesn’t mean that I am always right, much to my dismay, but it does kind of make me like a dog with a bone. I will chew that bone until every last piece of succulent meat is gone and the bone is spotless. May sound a tad ruthless but the world is ruthless. If you love something that much go after it. Don’t sit idly by waiting for the opportunity of a lifetime to fall into your lap. That doesn’t really happen much outside of television, so you have to work for it.

Nothing is easy, nothing worthwhile anyway. You have to go after what you’re passionate about. Otherwise you’ll live a life full of regrets and “what-if’s”

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