Good author

Recently I have not been reading, which for me is odd. I start but something always pulls me away. But before this weird period sans literature, I read a book about witches. I try to stay away from the supernatural stuff because of the whole Twilight epidemic, although I did read and own all the books and movies. Although the books and movies are far from classics/epic, it is a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s like eating chocolate when you know you are on a diet.

Anyway, I read “Fire burn and cauldron bubble” by H.P. Mallory. It was a really good read. I have read the Dulice O’Neil series by here too. Anyway if you are into supernatural books these are great because it has a different take. They are also very funny. The way that Mallory writes invites you in. It entertains you from beginning to end and doesn’t give away too much info in the first book so you’ll keep coming back.

Basically H.P. Mallory is definitely an author worth checking out.

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