Since my last post was sooo long ago….

I will try to remain dedicated to my blog, but life is so busy. I might set a reminder in my phone and just post a poem a day, hmmm, maybe. But I do want to post something I wrote a while ago. I’m not really into the whole rhyming thing. It kinda sounds forced when I do it. But I hope you like.

I’m in love with love
I’ve been bitten one too many times
Me and heartache are on a first name basis
When I’m in, I’m all in
The highs are astronomical
While the lows are like the depths of the ocean
When you put your lips on mine, my heart leaves my body
“Forever in your hands” you say
But when we’re down and out
When it’s over for good
You pass it back to me like a pair of smelly gym socks.
Broken and bruised
I walk away licking my wounds
Nursing my broken heart
Waiting for someone to offer me a bandaid for my cuts

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