Old poem

I believe sometimes you just need to just run and jump into a situation when your too scared to pull it off… Although this does not work for everything lol

Hopes, wishes, dreams, fears

The hope to do what you love

The wish you get to do what you love

The dream of being successful

The fear of failing

Stuck in present, reminiscing on the past, afraid to leap into the future

Making excuses so you can barely live hanging on to your regrets

The inexcusable fear.

You don’t make an effort because of this fear

You hold on to it and live on vicariously through others.

Desperately hoping no one notices how stuck you are
Hoping no one pays attention to your uneventful existence
Hoping life will just pass you by so don’t have to make a decision that could leave your life in tatters.

You hurt yourself by living in the shadows

You are able to venture out into the cold

But fear whispers from the warmth “we like it here”

So, you stay.

But, haven’t you stayed too long?

Your unwanted houseguest has taken over your life

It’s not too late to open up

It’s not too late to prevent your social suicide

Dare to leap off the edge of comfortability and skydive into the unknown.

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