Having a good day

Hello all,

I woke up having an okay day but once late afternoon hit it turned out to be wonderful. I was just catching up on some tv shows, Upstairs Downstairs, and Beauty and the Beast, when I was hit with a brilliant idea. As most of you might have guessed
I like writing, which is the reason I started a blog, and I like to think outside the box. So, I have decided to write, with my best friend, a book. We haven’t decided what it will be about just that it won’t follow the mainstream approach to literature. We are trying to shy away from following in the footsteps of the create supernatural and fascist society trend.

Well, when I know more so will you. But, to tide you over until I share snippets of it with you, here is a poem.

By: Melody Peters

Is it too fast to say yes
To leaving behind the awkward first’s
And heading to being comfortable
I want to fast forward past the pretending…
to like everything about each other
Instead of just playing it out

I don’t want to have to stop this show
But sometimes I want to rewind to…
the first time you made me smile
I want to mute all the fights and misunderstandings

I just want to live in pause on…
our happiest moments
But life keeps moving
And we keep hurting…
ourselves and each other

Sometimes I just want to eject…
the tape and burn it
But that just leaves me without

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