Jobs…. and a newish poem

Trying to find a job in the field of your choosing doing something that you’ll love is hard. Also it’s kind of depressing. But not loving what you do is worse. So, I guess I’ll keep pushing until I get there. You cannot have success without some failure along the way, otherwise you will not appreciate everything you achieved.

Nothing is easy, much to my chagrin. But if it was easy it wouldn’t be worthwhile now would it?

Okay, enough moping. Here’s the new poem.

As the days goby I’m filled…
Filled to the brim
The glass isn’t half empty or half full
I’m overwhelmed with ideas
Intellectually shocked
My love has come back
The mental barrier exploded
He broke out the heavy artillery
Words were injected directly into my bloodstream
Like a crack addict enjoying their latest conquest
It’s back
The love, enjoyment
The need, desire, the want
The effort is gone
Now it’s natural
The pen is now like an extension of my arm
I won’t let go first
Not ever again
I refuse to leave my love again
Now that you returned
Let’s set the world ablaze
I throw the pages into the fire and watch as the letter travel
Staining the sky
Mixing with the stars
Setting up their permanent residency

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