Heartsick or heartfelt

Here’s another original poems guys T.T.F.N๐Ÿ˜˜

Never Mine by: Melody Peters
Never wrote your name with hearts
Wasn’t sad when we were apart
Wouldn’t give you all of me
It’s clearly not my cup if tea

Wasn’t open with my feelings
Didn’t know how to start the healing…
Process, it took some time
But, to me, you were never mine

Can’t cry over what was never lost
I couldn’t risk it at any cost
Solipsistic thoughts and dreams
Nothing is ever what it seems

My soul was invested in each choice
But somehow I must’ve lost my voice
My heart said yes while my brain said no
I think “I shouldn’t have let you go.”

But, to me, you were never mine
So, why the hell am I wasting my time.

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