Frustration & Clarity

I am completely frustrated. People are trying to push me into a field that is just not right for me. I know that it comes from a good place but it’s so irking. I have embraced the writer within and I am somewhat confident that I’ll succeed. I just have to believe in what I can accomplish. I know it’s a big dream but I believe it’s something I can accomplish. Okay enough self-talk mushy crap. time for what you came for. This time I’m posting more than one. hope you enjoy loves.


V Card
By: Melody Peters

Eyes closed
Shallow breathing
Lips part

Tender embrace
An instant connection
Electric veins

Clumsy movements
Hesitant actions
Unsure thoughts

First time
Then second
Now skilled

In control
Hands roam
New destinations

A stroke of luck
Brings two
Makes them one

Losing one thing
Gaining experience
Realizing adulthood

Essay about the movie Moon and the philosopher Leibniz

Moon was about astronaut Sam Bell and how he was supposed to harvest energy from the moon for earth. He signed a contract agreeing to be on the moon for three years and harvest energy. Everything was fine until two weeks before he was scheduled to leave. He started having headaches and seeing things and he crashed his rover. He wakes up and things seem to be normal except he’s no longer allowed to leave base because of his accident. He breaks a pipe so he had a reason to go outside. Once outside he goes back to his crash site to find a body of another astronaut. He brought the body back to base and found out that it was him. Sam Bell was cloned and after his three years he got to go home, but his DNA stayed behind. Lunar decided that it was easier to clone Sam and every three years trade him in for another version than to hire more people. Both Sam’s kind of freak out because everything they were told was a lie. Lunar decided to send a rescue team to pick up Old Sam before New Sam found him. So, they tried to keep New Sam on lock down but it didn’t work. They didn’t want any of Sam to find out he was a clone because then they would have problems. Old Sam still holds on to this hope that he would get home to see Tess and Eve. New Sam gets angry because he didn’t like being lied to and he goes on a quest to find the secret room and the other clones. Old Sam starts to deteriorate and New Sam wants to send him back to earth, but Old Sam rejects the idea. He was falling apart so he told New Sam to go in his place. In the end the rescue team showed up, New Sam made his escape, and told the whole world about what Lunar was doing.

Lunar was like Leibniz’s version of God. Leibniz believes that God is all knowing and we can’t explain why things are happening we just know that God is the reason. Sam didn’t know why things were happening to him just that Lunar was the driving force behind it all. Unlike Leibniz system, Sam was able to escape and do things on his own. At first Sam thought everything was real. He didn’t know about the clones or that Lunar was using him. In this system we don’t really have an interaction with God just like Sam had no interaction with Lunar. They made up the rules and Sam was forced to follow them. Lunar never had to explain their actions to the world just like Leibniz’s God doesn’t. Things happen and people have to cope with the repercussions. Lunar’s interactions were more like the Kingdom of Nature than the Kingdom of Grace. The Kingdom of Nature sees God as a craftsman whereas, the Kingdom of Grace sees him as a loving and understanding father. At some points the owners of Lunar did seem understanding but it was all a ruse. None of the interactions that Sam had with Lunar were live. They were all taped and sent to him because the live feed was “broken,” according to headquarters. Sam really thought that everything that was happening to him was real but everything was just uploaded into each clone’s mind. Everything was mechanical because Lunar is more like the craftsman version of God. Everything they did was predictable and there was no room for error because there was no free will. Everything was predetermined and never explained. They were physically remove from the situation but Sam still communicated to them. It is the same like you would do if you were communicating to God in the Kingdom of Nature, but God is sort of removed from the situation. Leibniz believes that we are fed ideas and perceptions. He thinks we receive them from God and any sign of randomness is a lack of knowledge. This works well for the Sam clones because they were all literally fed ideas. They were all awakened with ideas of who they were and what their life was. Leibniz says that there are things that we don’t understand and that we won’t ever understand, because we don’t have sufficient knowledge.

Just like the reality that the Sam clones lived in wasn’t real, Leibniz said that our version of the world was more like a hologram. We are plugged into the world but what we think is the real world is just a dream. God gives us visions and perceptions and that is what fuels our world. Lunar created all these clones and in plugged them into the world with the real Sam Bell’s memories. So, in a way the real Sam Bell can be viewed as God as well. He doesn’t really control anything but in the sense that God reflects his image back on humanity. Lunar is projecting their own image but Sam Bell’s. Based off the mirror system all the Sam clones are filled with knowledge of Sam’s past, his hopes, wishes, and desires. And just like the clones can’t access any new information that hasn’t already taken place in a previous Sam’s life, we can’t access all the information from God because we are so distant from him.

The Old Sam would just push away things he couldn’t explain, like Hume says we do. He just excepted things the way they are, but New Sam wasn’t sure about the things that Old Sam excepted as facts, causing him to become a skeptic. Hume says the only way to avoid becoming skeptical is to stick to what you know, and Old Sam did that. He worked, checked on his plants, and built his model. But, New Sam was skeptical of everything he knew and didn’t know about Lunar. Hume says we can only be sure of the relation of ideas. We can’t know the cause because we can never be sure. God is just some fancy craftsman, and there is no attention or caring behind his actions. Hume believes that the origin of ideas comes from experiences/sense, and that is what the Sam’s believe. They really think that everything that they are experiencing is new and for the first time. In a way they are right, because everything is new to that particular clone, but these actions have already taken place and their ideas don’t come from their own experience. They come from an outside source like in Leibniz’s system.

Moon is easier to compare to Hume and his non-religious outlook on things since it isn’t necessarily about religion. But, comparing God to Lunar for certain things really works because Lunar makes all the decisions flawlessly and mechanically like a perfect craftsman. Hume says we push causal inferences, and New Sam does that. He is so used to being right all the time and having his expectations met that when something out of the ordinary takes place he is completely thrown. He can’t really except that he is a clone at first because it doesn’t seem real. Because we are so good at assuming we assume that all are expectations are facts, and New Sam accepted that he was the only Sam because he didn’t know any different at first. He didn’t like being surprised by the fact that he wasn’t the only Sam, and that he wasn’t the only Sam clone. While New Sam rejects the idea of only looking at the effects Old Sam embraces it. Old Sam looks at the effect and he doesn’t really see anything wrong with what’s happening, because he suspends his disbelief. He just thinks that he would get to go home, which would be a miracle, because his three years are up. Old Sam going home to resume his life would be the bigger miracle, and making it out alive and making a difference would be the smaller miracle. While New Sam focuses on the smaller miracle, and trying to accomplish it, Old Sam believes that the rescue team is coming to take him home and holds on to this belief. Moon borrows many concepts from both Hume and Leibniz. At some points it agrees with how Leibniz views God (Lunar), and how we perceive the world, but at others it agrees with Hume’s philosophy.

So, this is how the word ends. Not with a BANG but with a whimper.

T.S. Eliot

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