The (almost) Love Across The Room

Life together

Breathe apart

The thread is about to snap

One step forward

Twenty steps back

Progress is a fallacy

No need to depend or rely

But the feeling doesn’t change

Hoping to see that sparkle

The twinkle in your eyes

When you see me

Not just as you see every other

But… Special in your eyes

Even if no one else sees it.

Only thoughts.

Dreaming of things that don’t exist

Happily ever afters aren’t real

And I’m not a princess

But it doesn’t stop me from wishing

On these stars.

I see You

Why can’t you see Me

Not a race

Don’t wanna be a conquest

I just wanted you to want



Not another one night trying to be your whole life

I don’t wanna fall asleep. – “Temporary Bliss” The Cab

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