Thoughts on the first Monday of 2015

The other day I got a tattoo on my collarbone that says “Do I dare disturb the universe”

Now I actually posted this iconic quote on here a couple of posts back. It’s by T.S. Eliot and from some poem/story that I actually haven’t read.

But this quote stuck with me when I heard it because of the timelessness of it. It’s something that was relevant when he first said it and it will be relevant for years to come.

I think there are many ways to interpret it but the way I see it is as a wake up call. If you think of yourself as a tiny speck, a blip on the radar that can’t do anything then no you can’t disturb the universe.

I like to think of it as you screaming out “fuck you,” to the universe and making it up as you go along.

If you accept that you are small then you will forever be small. If you want something to change then get up and change it. You can’t blame things not going your way on the universe if you don’t ever try.

I’m not saying you can change the world based on your single belief, but how awesome would it be if people actually put forth an effort.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me feeling especially inspired today. But whatever the case don’t give up because someone doubts you. Don’t ever second guess your awesomeness. Unless you’re a crazy person who wants to do so thing violent and murderous. In that case just forget I said anything at allđŸ˜….

P.s. Poem coming soon

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