Comedy or Tragedy ?!

Falling dangerously in love is…

Well, dangerous.

Falling quickly out of love is…

Well, rather quick

But what happens when you’re stuck in the middle?

You’re not in love, but you don’t know what you are

And quite frankly you’re throughly confused.

You don’t love him.

And you don’t like him.

It’s totally over, but when he smiles…

You smile.

He as something over you.

Somehow you’re still attached.

And you wanna let go.


You’re tied too tightly together,

that you get caught even tighter.

Until you become one big jumbled knot.

You get frustrated and he enjoys it.

Cause all this time you were getting over him

He was falling for you

Isn’t that nice.


You are my favorite mistake, the one I keep loving to make

Crave Tove Lo

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