Old thoughts/ Before I Fall…Asleep

Call me old-fashioned but pen and paper feels right.

While typing does give me some pleasure

I can  never get over the smell of paper and the glide of the pen


I write about love

But I am as clueless as a newborn

the one time I almost was

Turned into the time I almost wasn’t

I was always so careful

And then I tripped and almost fell


It was one of those dramatic try to catch yourself t.v. kinda trip.

But I did…

Catch myself

Now I’m on guard 24/7 or maybe just 23 hours.

Because that one hour before I fall asleep

I think without permission from my heart.

I think what it would be like.

To love someone so much that it aches

Love eludes me

Or maybe I’m just constantly running

Either way

Maybe it’s time

Just take a little dip Maybe I’ll come back unscathed

Or maybe my whole being will change


Maybe you`re right, maybe this is all that I can be

But what if it`s you, and it wasn`t me?

W.D.Y.W.F.M The Neighbourhood

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