The Intimacy Of You

Your hands send ripples through my consciousness

Your lips tingle my being

Every breath I take catches

All my thoughts loop back to you

When I see you a smile tugs at my lips

The need for you is a strong one

God, you make me so weak in the knees

Every move you make I watch

When you touch me my eyes glaze over

Can’t focus on words, just the way your lips move

Eyes close

1…breathe, 2…breathe, 3…Open

Eyes lock

Words lost

Just me and you

One heartbeat closer

Fingers aching for touch

To be close to someone

That nobody knows like me

You fit the script


A shared thought

Being within arms reach

Cravings need satisfaction

Satisfaction feeds desire

Being without you is a bearable boredom

Mistakes and regrets are for deathbed confessions

Moving forward blindly reaching

Delusional hoping

Aimlessly falling

There’s no end

Just a heart fluttering beginning


Sometimes I want someone to grab my hand…

If you’re out there I swear to be good to you…

Dear no one, this is your love song

—Dear No One Tori Kelly

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