My Soul Belongs Elsewhere

Open your eyes,

your heart,

and your mind

Realize that love is more than just time

More than just words that make you feel funny

Like you swallowed a bottle of sickly sweet honey

Love should be proud but not too much of an ass

It should be building you up and forgetting your past

Love is about holding your hand when you’re scared

And leading the way when you’ve got nothing prepared

Picking you up, brushing off the dirt

Ignoring the naysayers

Breathing life into your dreams

Giving all for each other

Never having to question your happiness

Knowing in your bones that it is true, real, worth it

But this isn’t accomplished by all

Not even half, and you certainly have gotten it yet

You’re experiencing a pretender

An insult to your story

But  you just can’t see it yet

But one day you’ll wake up

Breaking out in a cold sweat

Desperately hoping that your revised version of your life hasn’t thrown you off track

Praying to jump back into your real storyline


“A beautiful goodbye is dripping from your eyes.”

–Beautiful Goodbye Maroon 5

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