Bottles Of Hope

So, I wasn’t feeling well last night due to allergies so I took a Benadryl. Then all of a sudden I fell into this angry drug induced haze. So, I guess you can say this is the love child of pent-up anger, that I didn’t know I had, and Benadryl. Enjoy.

Don’t forget about me

You said you’d come back

So… how come you’re not here?



You got me to undress literally and figuratively

You raptured me, (mind, body, and soul), then left me

Hung me out to dry

Treated me like yesterday’s news

But I guess that’s what I am right?

I let you in against my level headed thoughts

Heart opened

Fears quieted

But what good was it?


Am I special now that I finally fell?

I refused so long to love

And now that I did…

I’m left blowing in the wind

Guess that’s why love is a cynic’s favorite topic


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