Love Me More

Why do I believe you?
Why do I even try?
I can’t understand why I trust you unconditionally when you give me no reason to
I don’t ask for much
At least I don’t think I do
I just want you
Nothing else
Together everyone else disappears
I need nothing or no one
That’s too hard for you?
You ask for me I come
But then you change your mind
Maybe its too easy for you
Maybe my lack of opposition is terrifying and off-putting
Or maybe you’re just an ass
See, this is why I need clarification
But, alas none has been sent from the heavens
Or even a mumbling word from your attractive mouth
So, I am up not sleeping
Driving myself insane with questions
Questions I can’t answer
Questions that you won’t answer, mainly because I haven’t asked them per se
Look I am just as scared as you, maybe more, or maybe you’re not scared (re: third maybe)
I don’t know what to tell you
But if this is heading nowhere fast then I may need to hop off and start hitchhiking in the opposite direction
Because I can’t…you can’t expect me to just ride along forever
Even though I want nothing more than to just lay in your arms
Feel warm and safe
If this isn’t leading us anywhere I just can’t
No, not anymore

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