Commit To Memory, The Way My Soul Yearns For Yours

Wine Soaked memories

Tequila stained tears

Unrequited dreams

Shattered hopes


The Fallacy

Whoever sold you that lie ripped you off

You got royally screwed into giving a fucking iota

You open your heart

Try to connect your soul

Never really happens the way you think

The mystical bond, the magical up-link is broken

Or you just have a crappy signal

Long-term monogamy isn’t an everyman/woman job

Some people need to be fired

The performance review was a whooping 0.00%


Jaded…A tad

Scared…Fuck yes

Why let him touch your soul if he could just taint it?

He could be different

But he could be the same

You never know


Letting people is the opposite of my speciality

I’m more of a loner

I love words

Not wounds

Words don’t hurt me

But the way you could possibly arrange them…

To convey a message I can’t, won’t hear

Don’t break me


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