I love you.

Say it back.

Love me like I love you.

I want you.

I deserve more than…


This uncertainty.

This second-guessing.

I need more.

I can’t just live on empty promises anymore.

I lay awake at night starving for more.

I love you.

Maybe it’s premature.

But when you say my name.

When you touch me.

Let’s just say while I’m famished lying in the dark all I think about is you.

I hate that I feel like this

I don’t want to

I want it to be simple again

Can we just return…

to start?

I don’t want to erase us

Just guard my heart

You got in

Under my skin before I knew what happened

I didn’t have time to react

And for that I’m sorry

And for that I’m happy

You opened up a dormant part of my soul

Exposed it to light, life, and truth

I want it to be us

But it never will


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