Don’t Say The L Word

I say that I’m falling

But where am I going

The L word is too big an emotion

The way that I’m feeling 

Can’t really explain it

Don’t want to sound so melodramatic 

But this nonchalance has gotten me nowhere 

The way that you hold me

Makes me feel special

We never discussed this

But the spell I am under is making me anxious 

Every lucid moment is filled with desire

Breathing was once a normal activity and now without us

The air became stagnate

We were never together

But now we are separate 

The feeling of loneliness stems from departure 

What we once almost had I destroyed in a blink

One agonizing text with a two word reply

Solidifying how much care was in our lopsided meetings 

Turning daydreams back into hopes that will never come true

My feelings are real but yours

We’re imagined by a hapless woman who wished you L’d her



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