Life preserver, What Life preserver?

Brain on repeat

Heart skipped a beat

My love is starting to leak

It’s seeping into you

Giving you all I got

Without even knowing it

Trying to regain composure 

Need to be calm

Appearances are deceiving

Broken in half

Shattering thoughts

You with someone else

Not ever knowing the truth

Being to late

Bring us back

To carefree oblivion

Blissfully ignorant of the truth

That you unlocked the door

Where did you get the key?

I think deep down it started at the beginning 

Before I was truly aware that it was different 

That you were different 

That you were changing me

Shaping my heart to match yours

Maybe you didn’t know

Maybe it wasn’t on purpose

But I accidentally fell

I tripped into you

Never knowing but continuously falling

Eyes closed as I speak the truth

Pulse racing as I utter the words

That may or may not make me yours

Frogspawn in my throat

Hatching madness

Open me up

Close the door behind you

I can’t lose this feeling

It whispers in my ear at night 

And kisses me awake each day

Telling half truths to keep you close

Pushing you away slightly to still have you somewhat

Living a lie because the truth…

The reality of the situation is too… Daunting


Shell shocked

Drowning in you


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