Old Poem

If you can trust me again

I promise i’ll never hurt you

I’ll never abandon or forsake you

I told you  “I love you” and I meant it

I took advantage of your trust

I’m just asking for another chance

We’ve both made mistakes

Don’t let this be the end

All I want is to be forgiven

But how can I ask that of you when…

When I don’t forgive myself

It kills me to see that pain in your eyes

I know that feeling

And I never wanted to feel it again

So I placed my heart under lock and key

Trusting no one but you loved me regardless

Now I just want you to know

That your the only one my heart beats for

You hold my heart in your hands

I’m sorry I shattered yours

Trying to put the pieces together

But these are just words to you

No gesture or poem will get you back

I feel like I’ve lost you forever

I hate to cause you pain

But please don’t walk out that door


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