I am yours, but are you mine?

Up late at night

Sleeping isn’t a thing

That I want to do without you

When did I get here

It’s crazy to think that you weren’t always here

But it’s the truth

There was a time when I didn’t even know your name

And now I say it more than mine

I think of you first

I put you in every scenario I play in my head

Thinking of you is natural

Being with you is easy

Needing you is new

I feel something different when you look at me

Like you see inside of me

Like you know what makes me tick

But that’s insane

We hardly know each other

And I never even told you that

I like you

When you touch me I think that you feel the same

But then you take it back

It leaves me cold

Not kissing or touching you

Never knowing where your head’s at

I reach for you subconsciously

Needing to rest on something familiar 

Someone who makes me feel safe

In your arms I feel something else

Something I can’t name

Because once I do

I have to name it aloud

And then you might leave me alone

Because I think I created this whole life

Where I am with you

I just want to be yours

It’s certifiable

We barely know each other

But my heart aches when you’re hurt

When I can’t help you

I feel helpless

This warming sensation when you’re near

It gets me through

I am not sure when this started

But I’m not ready to see this end

Never thought I’d be okay just belonging

I want you and I want you to want me

I felt the way your eyes pierced my soul

And it melted me

And somewhere along the way

I became irrecoverably yours

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