Patriarchal Views

Female, by definition, means:

of or denoting the sex that can bear offspring or produce eggs,

Nowhere in the dictionary does it state that females are emotional by nature, or dramatic. That’s society’s definition. Society puts all women in this box based off som farcical idea one of them had way back when. The dictionary goes on to say that a female can be a Woman, an animal, or a plant. The term female just groups as all together as this pack of emotional creatures who are fragile and can’t function without a man.

But whenever a woman stands up for herself she is considered a feminist, and a bitch. Because feminism makes some men uncomfortable. Why? Why would something founded on equality in all aspects of life make people uncomfortable?

Because that means that these men, the ones who can’t accept women as more than just a play thing,  are wrong. Admitting that women have brains, and can get by without a man in their life baffles these backwards thinking men. They see us as only nurturers. There is no possible way that a woman can have it all. And that is one reason our society is in disarray.

If a woman doesn’t want t get married and focus only on herself and her career, everybody in the world will tell her she’ll regret it. That she should settle down. Now let’s say she does eventually get married, to appease everyone else. But she doesn’t stop working. Then she’s not being fair to her husband, because he has no one to cook and clean for him. Obviously he can’t lift a finger to do anything but to bring home the bacon and scratch is balls.

So, on top of work she runs the house by herself. Then people remark about how not having a child will leave her unfulfilled. That she can’t possibly be happy without the peals of baby laughter. So, under society’s pressure she has a kid, and another one so the first one isn’t lonely, or spoiled because they are by themselves. She keeps her job, but society tsk’s, because other people are raising her children. She can’t possibly be a good mother if she isn’t the one in charge of her children’s rearing. Not to mention she was passed over for the promotion because she’s a mother and she took so much time off to be a lazy slacker and give birth on unpaid maternity leave.

So, she quits. Then society says “Oh, you stay home? Aren’t you bored?”

Women, not females, go through situations similar to this everyday. Animals and plants don’t deal with this backlash. Only women. They are poked and prodded by society and constantly berated for living the way they want. Nothing a woman does is right in society’s eyes. Even if she did have a supportive husband, the voices never cease.

If the husband decided to quit his job instead so she can have her dream job, that makes him weak, or a sissy, or feminine. They are present for every event for their child. They hold their wife’s hand and support her. He cooks, cleans, and looks after the children. In society this man isn’t considered a real man, he is whipped. He somehow entered into his wife’s control, and he’s brainwashed.

This is why some men have that false sense of entitlement. They think everyone wants them, and that everything belongs to them. But it doesn’t. No one belongs to anyone. If I am walking down the street I have the right to walk unbothered. But these entitled men that it is their right to catcall, objectify, and follow me because they have male sex organs. But if the tables were turned. If I were to do that I would be considered fast and loose. Society is rigged that women always, always, always lose.

You can be promoted over a man, but someone is always going to say you got that job because of your looks, or because the because the boss wants to bang you, or because you slept your way to the top. It’s insulting and infuriating. Why can’t we just be damn good at our jobs?

As a woman society teaches me to be afraid of walking home, because if a man wants me he has that right to take me. And it doesn’t matter hat I was wearing, saying, or drinking. I caused it because I have female sex organs. That makes me weaker, naturally. It’s so disgusting it’s laughable. The double standards, the hypocrisy. It’s so stone age. With all this advancement in the world, it’s 2016 for crying out loud, women still have to fight every damn day.

We have to fight for the rights to our bodies, equal pay, our emotions, and  more. Society claims everything and then blames us. And some people don’t even realize that they are siding with society. They are just blindly following because it’s all ingrained in everything we see and hear. There’s  no escaping it.

And now someone will label me because I  spoke my mind, and that’s not a woman’s job.

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