In Love Too Often?

Looking for love in all the wrong places

Cut out my heart

Lock it away

You touch my soul

Coax my broken spirit

Make me want to open up



You drive me to drink



Never trusting

The vault door was adjacent

But before it was too late

I recognized you for the thief you were


You are Still you

And I am still your Fool

Breaking all my rules

To safe guard my heart

But around you…around anyone

I throw it

Just wanting someone to catch it

Someone to just hold it and cherish

I’ve held on


It’s lonely

It’s empty

It’s tiring

Emptiness that I taught myself to cope with

Antisocial, only because I’m scared

My heart scars haven’t healed enough

I may never be whole

But even if I was

Who are you to waste my time

Who are you to say your mine

Then erase…

Erase the past

Eradicate our present

And decimate our future

Who are you to tell me that Love


Won’t come for me

Won’t it come for me?

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