Loveless Saga I

Me more than you

I open my veins

The trickle swirls down my arms

Puddling at my feet

The lapse in my judgment

Temporary insanity

I count the number

Of times I let my heart run wild

Lose track of the estimate

My brain clucks its tongue

“I told you so,” it whispers

But how do I know?

How do I know when not to trust

I am an open door, or is it revolving?

Which turns into an open vessel

I become a rest stop

They always travel home after

Never a final destination

All I wanted…

Is to be home

Your light in the dark

But the darkness has clouded me

Murky understandings

Misplaced feelings

I was never with you

It was never you

The idea captured me

Suffocated my brain

The idea just infected my life

Took hold and swallowed me whole

There’s no escape

Standing in a puddle of my failed attempts

I realize

That you weren’t who it’s supposed to be

My journey still struggles on

But the end isn’t in sight

Just more rest stops along the way

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