Broken Dreams

It’s hard to imagine what life was like, way back when, when violence waited you around every corner. At least then you knew it was coming, because of the color of your skin. You knew that these laws weren’t made to protect you from harm, but blame you for being a victim.

You were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

You shouldn’t have worn that outside.

You looked threatening.

You had a “weapon.”

In reality you were probably just walking home, maybe with a friend. You had your hood up because you were cold. You didn’t speak to strangers because that’s how you were raised, and your weapon… nine times out of ten it was a wallet.

When lynchings happened almost everyday people knew their lives were never safe. But now in this time when we have “evolved,” why are we still being shot and wronged? We have no say over what happens to us and yet the media blames us for our past. We are always the ones that instigate the fight, because we were “disrespectful,” to the man who’s supposed to protect our lives.

I was always taught to get respect you have to give it. How are you respecting me when you approach me with violence? How are you respecting me with your gun in my face? How are you respecting me when I’m bleeding to death on the asphalt?

No respect. You look down on me as some interloper to your world. You hate the fact that I exist. That I make things harder on you and your white guilt when I bring up race. As a race we know that you personally did not kidnap, rape, beat, and kill us. We don’t blame you for that. But your inaction speaks volumes. You say that all that stuff is behind us. But have you checked the numbers lately?

How many white men were murdered by cops this year VS How many black men were murdered by cops this year

You say it isn’t about race, that all of those men just broke the law. That they had sketchy pasts, so I guess that means they got what they deserved?

You can’t claim to not be part of the problem when you refuse to be part of the solution

My people our dying left and right, because the color of their skin.

Yes, it’s not all cops that are crooked but one is too many. The government gives them this power to uphold the law, and they take that and run. Some try their best to protect, like they swore, but others play God. The ones who think they are outside of the law are the problem. They can’t just be reprimanded and put on suspension. Or fired but still keep their pension. They need to be arrested, tried, and sentenced for their crimes.

All the black men who were murdered this year were denied the right to a trial, they were denied the right to even know why they were being executed. But we know why. We see the pattern. These cops with the God complexes are picking on those they deem weak and they are killing them because of their “quotas,” and because they know they will never suffer any consequences.

Ignorant people like Tomi Lahren say that they were doing their jobs.

Last time I checked the fine for a broken tail light wasn’t death.

You can’t sit idly by and watch our world burn. Either you stand with us or you stand against us.

If “#AllLivesMatter” how come ours don’t?

You say the #BlackLivesMatter movement is exclusive. But that’s not the truth. We care for all and we are striving for peace. We want to achieve MLK Jr.’s shattered dream. We try to be calm, and address this with logic. But so many people try to cause us to riot. You kill our brothers, sons, uncles, cousins, and husbands then expect us to turn around and be silent. You can’t do wrong and not expect outrage, we just want our lives back. We just want to be safe.


All my love to these families broken with grief, and to my brother’s and sister’s marching for peace.




An Unapologetically Black Woman

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