Beaten down

Broken up

Open veins

Spilling tears

Wishes crumble

Dreams fade

Forever changed

Time elapsed

“5 hours later”

Nothing is the same

The world tilts

Life open us

Swallows me whole

Keeping me

Holding me hostage

What do I have to offer?

Who am I to demand?

I am mixed up

Twisted around

Thrown down

My shit is far from together


I know my worth.

That may be the only thing I do know

I know what I deserve

And you’re not him

You can’t kiss me and lie to my face

Honesty is the only policy

Deceiver, deceiver

You’re such an underachiever

You didn’t even try to hide it

You know what you did

And my heart still beats faster

It’s defective

I should’ve thrown it out years ago

It brings me nothing but oceans of tears

I can’t see the truth

It believes in love

Then falls apart

I follow blindly

Then wonder

Why haven’t I given up?

It’s so hard to love

When no one is on the receiving end.


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