Life Audit

To live


Grasp the world by his pearls

And just thrust yourself forward

Never knowing which way is up

But revolting against the stigma

Never bowing down

Taking back what is yours

Telling the naysayers to “fuck off”

Because you got this

No telling when…

But your glow up is on the horizon 

You can feel, taste, touch, and breathe it

You fell into that sweet spot of knowledge 

Where your gut is screaming “it’s all good”

And for once you shut the hell up and listen

You turn off the worrying

Throw out the anxiety

Return the depression to the black hole from which it came

Nothing can stop you now

It’s all on you to block out the negative energy

People will reject you

Tell you, you can’t

That it won’t ever happen

But you know what you’re capable of

All the bumps, wrong turns, and dead ends

Will eventually lead you home.

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