Separate Identities

When you’re alone

You’re not always lonely

But when you’re lonely you don’t have to be alone

The isolation creeps in and sets itself on you

The black spindly fingers land on your shoulders

Dragging you down

When you have nothing left

You let it come for you

You let it take you

What is there left to fight for?

When you have to have your own back, front, side 

Who can blame you when you’re closed off?

Who can point a finger at your work and call it wreckage?

When you fight for you everyday

There is no one cheering you own

You are the only one encouraging yourself

And sometimes it’s hard

Sometimes it’s dare near impossible 

But you keep on

You say nothing when they laugh and mock

You make no move when they ridicule and protest 

You keep your head down and stay humble

Keep your thoughts private

Keep your progress to yourself

And when you make it

They all say the believed in you

But they will never see you

They will never see you for you

And as long as you know the truth

Nothing else matters

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