Inconceivable Love

Who are you to me

The ending never matches

Life starts out light

Happiness swarms us

Until it stings

Crumbling from within


Why fix what’s always broken

This act always ends

Entertaining no longer

Intersecting lives


Why start

When the finish line is around the corner

Not carefree

No go-luckiness

The cure

Doesn’t exist

Cursed four letter word

More strife

You can’t really promise me…


When time never stops


Love is fluid

Instead of growing together

We might just grow apart

It’s more…

More than I can stomach

Losing what you never


Is more terrifying

Than actually having something to


Perspectively I may be wrong

Errors happen

But being someone who makes them…

With my heart

Isn’t who I want to be

I’m not able…

I refuse…

Vulnerability isn’t a color I wear often

Weakening my resolve gives you nothing


Yes, I do.

But can you…

How can I…

Maybe we…

Move me forward

Guide me into your arms




I wish that I can take a journey through your mindAnd find emotions that you always try to hide




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