When I look in the mirror I see you

I wonder did you see me too

This light of mine

The rays of your love shine on me

Through the bad times

When the road is all downhill

Nothing is right

Left is always where I end up

Emptiness is not the goal

But the message is unclear

How to move forward without my rock

The time for regrets is gone

Nowhere to run to

The past creeps forward inch by inch

Remember how it used to be

You and me

The life I never got to share

The death that will always stain

The tears that will always fall

You will never see me

Forward with every attempt of clarity

Always be the one who lost

Chances you gave me to be bright

Love you gave me

Strength that seeps into my bones

Everything is a product of you

Knowing from whence I came


Only voice that counts

No one can tell me different

Taught me how to use my voice

Scream what I need

Never let you go

Always, Consistently, repeatedly yours

Brainwashed into loving consistently


Until the MOMent comes

It will be you

No one better will ever exist

Reminiscing time

Good or bad

Nothing will top you

No description will work

All or nothing

To you

It was

The end

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