Open Letter {1}

Dear future self,

I know right now you are wondering about where you are going to end up. Wondering if each choice you make is the right one. I can’t tell you that it is, because I worry. I worry about pointless bullshit that I can’t control and you know that. You know that worrying is just going to be a part of me no matter what.

I do know that you have to trust. Not everyone will do you wrong. I know where the trust issues stem from and I know it hurts to open up just to be wrong. I know. Looking at the past and all the people who lied to your face and made you second guess. When someone came along and made you care about them and toyed with your emotions. I know it sucks. I can say it will get better but I don’t know what the future holds. I don’t know what every up and down will do mentally. But I do know that I will always love you.

No matter who breaks your heart. No matter what people may whisper behind your back. I love you. I just want you to know that. I will always choose you. I can say that it is frustrating trying to find your way in life. I have no fucking idea what I am doing. I just know what makes me happy. And if I remember that and you remember that we’ll be okay.

Life will beat you down. Boys will break your heart. No one may understand what you write. But I will always love you.

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