First review of 2018 for my last read of 2017

Death Note Vol. 2: Confluence  By Tsugumi Ohba

Genre: Manga

Read start: 31/12/17

Read Finish: 31/12/17

What to say  about Death Note? Well, for starters I absolutely hate Light. He is the most self-righteous person ever. I keep reading hoping he finally get what he deserves. The crazy thing is he believes he’s doing the world a favor. At least that’s how he thought in the beginning. Now it;s all about besting L. He doesn’t care about who he kills anymore. He just wants power and will stop at nothing to keep it. That being said I can understand where he went wrong. In the first volume he wanted to do good but it’s his arrogance that has him turn crazy or, better yet, access the crazy that was buried within him. I think the writing and the illustrations were beautiful and that is why I keep coming back. It’s like watching a  train wreck, you can’t look away. You have to know what happens next, and I will keep reading to see what crazy thing Light does next.


5 thoughts on “First review of 2018 for my last read of 2017

  1. WoRdaDDict says:

    I’ve read these all. I have the black editions. I couldn’t put it down! I agree with you on Light, lol he’s a dick.

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