A little romance anybody?

Modern Romance By Aziz Ansari with Eric Klinenberg

Genre: Nonfiction

Read Start: 27/12/17

Read Finish: 3/1/18

Despite being less than 300 pages I wouldn’t classify it as a quick read. This book contains many facts and statistics that require deep thought and meditation. I took my time reading this book because I wanted to absorb all the information Ansari was offering. The book talks about romance in the common modern world. He mentions how hard finding your “soul mate” is with technolog and how our options are no longer limited, but that in itself causes issues. Having a multitude of options leads to indecisiveness. He traveled across the U.S., Buenos Aires, Tokyo, and Paris. He studied the way different ethnicities of different backgrounds love. He didn’t really delve into same sex relationships because he believed that to do that properly it required its own book, and I agree with that. He didn’t want to half ass heterosexual or homosexual realtionships with his research so he focused more on heterosexual. All in all I believe this to be a good book. It is very thought provkoing and funny.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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