In real life

All the Lasting Things by David Hopson

Genre: Fiction

Read  start: 2017

Read Finish:  1/22/18

This took longer than expected to read. Not because it was bad but because it was girtty and real. The book was messy just  like real life. The book started off following the character Benji and his life full of shambles. He was a drunk, washed up actor chasing his former  glory days. Eneter the rest of the family. The parents Henry Fisher, a famous novelist suffering from dementia, and Evenlyn Fisher, who only worries about  the people around her and never herself. Lastly, the older sister, Claudia Fisher. Claudia was selfish and self absorbed. The Fisher’s were a typical family with typical drama until a bombshell erupted. With this new vital information the Fisher’s wer changed, for the better, until the worst happened. There was no happy ending or pretty bow at the end. It ended messily like life does. And in the end we didn’t even see if they worked it out. There was no closure. The epilogue even jumped fifty years into the  future were none of them were remembered. This book was a harsh look at reality and what is really important in this world.


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