The Murder Club

One of us is Lying

by: Karen McManus

G: Crime, Mystery

This book is told from four different perspectives—I know I just complained about that in my last review—the jock, the popular girl, the brain, and the rebel. Sound familiar? I’ll admit I was skeptical being a big Breakfast Club fan, but this brought all the campy vibes with a murderous twist. Five kids all get detention and only four survive. The rest of the book is spent finding out who killed Simon Kelleher. Let me say this, because I don’t believe in spoiling books, it’s a crazy ride. This book  had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. It hooks you in with the Breakfast Club vibes but you stay for the murder mystery. The more I read the more I liked the characters. It was also so hard to discern who was lying. Don’t get me started with all the wild theories I had. I’m just happy, fulfilled, with the ending.


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