Things that go BUMP in the night

A Discovery of Witches (All Souls #1)

by: Deborah Harkness

G: Contemporary Fantasy, Alchemy, Romance

POPSUGAR Challenge: A book you meant to read in 2017 but didn’t get to

Start: 23.1.18

Finish: 8/3/18

So, this book took me a while to read. It starts out slowly with the main character, Diana Bishop, denying her magic. All of the witches and wizards find her strange because she doesn’t practice magic. She spent most of her adolesence avoiding it and now magic had finally found her. Every precaution she put in place to avoid using her magic and the supernatural throughout the years falters when she meets Matthew Clairmont. Mathhew is a vampire who is drawn to Diana like every other creature because of her unwillingness to use her magic and the fact that only she has the power to find a missing manuscript that the whole supernatural world covets. The manuscript, rumored to hold all the secrets to the supernatural world, came to her all because she requested it in the library thus inviting magic into her life. She had no wish to be involved in anything magical but the manuscript and everyone else has other ideas for Diana Bishop, who perhaps just might be the most powerful witch of the 21st century.



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