Law Abiding Citizens

Minority Report

by: Philip K. Dick

G: Sci-Fi

Start: 9.3.18

Finish: 10.3.18

Goodreads Reading Challenge: 11 out of 100

In this thirty-some page story there is so much action and adventure. Our main character, John Anderton, is the police commissioner and head of something called the precrime division. Precrime is a division that prevents crime from ever happening. With the help of three psychics the police are able to determine who will commit a crime before they do. Once apprehended the future criminal goes to sort of  boot camp for an unknown amount of time to eradicate their criminal ways. Now there is the moral aspect to this whole system. The question that is raised is “If they knew would they still go through with said crime?” This question is asked and answered when police commissioner John Anderton is accused of conspiracy to commit a crime in the future.


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