My favorite fiery-headed princess

Yona of the Dawn Vol. 9

by: Mizhuo Kusanagi

G: Manga

Start: 10.3.18

Finish: 12.3.18

Spoilers: Minimal

Goodreads Reading Challenge: 12 out of 45 (lowered my challenge b/c life)

What more can be said about this firecracker of a monarch? In this installment Yona proves herself, yet again, as a badass in training. From touring her broken kingdom in disguise to pretty much starving herself so the starving villagers can eat. She may have known nothing about politics and her kingdom before her father’s, King Il, death but  now she has immersed herself in the life of her peoople. She saw just how poorly her father ran her country. Now she fights for freedom from the  opression her father’s reign did nothing to stop. She may not have all the answers, yet, but that’s not stomping out the passion in her fiery spirit. She is learning all sorts of new things to help her befome the ruler her country needs and deserves. She’s not there yet but watching her progress is heartrending and exciting. Stay tuned for vol. 10.


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