Orphan to Daughter

Anne of Green Gables

by: L.M. Montgomery

G: Novel

Start: Jan. 2018

Finish: 27.3.18

Goodreads Reading Challenge: 13 out of 45

Spoilers: Minimal

I read this once before when I was little and I loved it. Rereading it my love for it only intensified. Annes is a loveable rascal that has an  imagination the size of the planet, maybe bigger. She came from nothing and just wanted a chance to find her place in the world.  A chance to prove she was more than just her circumstances. Bouncing around from family to family she never found love because she was only there to be a nanny. Then after her last family she went to the asylum, unti a happy accident brought her to the Cuthberts and Green Gables. Of course nothing goes as planned with Anne Shirley involved. From the begining she wasn’t what they were expecting. They wanted a boy becuase Matthew needed a hand around the farm and instead they got a wide-eyed, red haired girl who never stopped talking. After some thinking on Marilla’s part, and Matthew’s quiet encouragement, they decide to keep Anne on. Raising Anne was not without it’s headaches, but she made the siblings come alive again. Without Anne Marilla and Matthew may have work themselves to death. Anne brought vivacousness and creativeness into the home and even as she grew up she brought the Cuthbert’s a sense of love, pride, and joy they didn’t know they could posses. By keeping Anne they went against their better judgement.

Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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