Reaping Lila (Coming Soon)

When other generations think of Millennial’s there are certain words that come to mind. Lazy, despondent, immoral, ruining the economy, drink too much, party too much, too much casual sex, have no future, etc.

Meet Lila Dupree. A  twenty-something millennial that is basically the embodiment of all these things, and she doesn’t care. Lila is strong, witty, sarcastic, and takes charge of her own path. She doesn’t bat an eye when people view her as loud and lazy or overbearing and obnoxious. She keeps pushing forward regardless of the naysayers, that is once she figures herself out.

Reaping Lila is my debut novel about a strong black woman who refuses to back down from the challenge of saving the world and looking flawless while doing it. She won’t let anything stand in her way not even her own death.

Good for fans of YA novels, fantasy, mythology, and strong female heroines.

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