Birds of a Feather

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

by: Ken Kesey

G: Novel

Start: 28.Feb.18

Finish: 2. April.18

Goodreads Reading Challenge 14 out of 45

Kesey weaves a fantastical novel about mental illness in America, but it’s not just about that. There’s race issues, sexism, and homophobia thrown in there too. Kesey’s novel is a melting pot of hot button issues that are still relevant in this day and age. Meet Randall Patrick McMurphy, the loud, smooth talking new inmate in nurse Ratched’s ward. From the moment he steps foot through the door he was shaking things up. He saw the opportunity to con a couple of “loonies” before being released on his own reconnaissance or sent back to the work farm he originated from. What McMurphy sees on Ratched’s ward makes him take his games to a whole other level. No longer is his sole mission to gain a couple of bucks and get Ratched’s goat. Instead he takes it upon himself to wake up the men that have been sleep walking under her careful watch. He risks everything and nothing to save the men he comes to regard as his friends. In the end there is no real winner to this tragic story, just the somber truth.


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