The lies we tell ourselves

Eleanor Oliphant is completely Fine

by: Gail Honeyman

Genre: YA

Start: 2, April, 2018

Finish: 16, April, 2018

Goodreads Reading Challenge: 16 out of 45 (36%)

Spoilers: Medium

When I started reading this I was kinda annoyed with Eleanor. She was rude and stuck up. She judged everyone so harshly and refused to interact with others more than she needed to. I also realized that she seemed a bit unstable. Honeyman’s novel shows how we deal with mental illnesses, by ignoring them and the people who have them. We ignore that a large demographic of people actually are sick and we chalk it up to laziness or something else that belittles these people’s very real conditions. Eleanor had been suffering since she was ten years old thanks to her mother, but no one really cared to help. The foster families didn’t like to keep her because she was ‘different,’ and the social workers—who knew her backstory—wanted her to try to fit in. She couldn’t possibly fit in when she didn’t even know how to be a kid, let alone herself. She didn’t make it easy for people to reach her, but what traumatized kid does. She clearly wasn’t functioning on the normal level of a thirty year old; especially when she talked about her mother, she would revert back to that same scared ten-year old child. She had delusions, heard voices, and even did some light cyber stalking. She thought that all these things were okay because she had no one to guide her into adulthood, until Raymond. Raymond was the friend she didn’t want, ask for, or accept; but there he was time and time again. He was the friend she deserved and needed. Without Raymond Eleanor would’ve followed the path most depressed and traumatized people go down, ending in complete and utter darkness.


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