Everyone loves a happy ending

A Million Worlds with you

by: Claudia Gray

G: Fiction, Romance, Sci-fi, Adventure fiction

Start: 18.April.2018

Finish: 19.April.2018

Goodreads Reading Challenge 17 out of 50 (Upped b/c ahead of schedule)

Spoilers: Medium/High

I knew going in that this last installment would be jammed packed with action, because it was the last book of the trilogy. What I wasn’t expecting was the death and destruction. Marguerite was chasing the evil version of herself, from the Home Office dimension, through other universes to stop the Home Office from destroying all the other universes to reach their end goal. The main Marguerite, or MM,  can only jump into a different dimension’s version of her once evil Marguerite, or EM, leaves. obviously because their can only be one person driving. So, MM jumps after EM all throughout the multiverse so MM can put a stop to the death of other versions of herself and the other dimensions. Every time MM jumps into a new body she is in great danger because EM is trying to kill the Marguerite of that dimension so the dimension will be closed off to MM forever. EM also hopes to trap MM in one of the other bodies so MM will die as well. It’s a race against time through multiple dimensions to save the multiverse. In the end MM is faced with heartbreak, the possibility of losing all her memories since the start of this whole thing, and the destruction of her own world. But…that doesn’t happen. Why? Because Paul pulls a hail marry out of his ass. They stop the world from collapsing in on itself and save it. Then they all live happily ever after. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good happy ending but it just felt…anticlimatic after everything MM went through. Regardless of the ending leaving me feeling meh…I throughly enjoyed this series.


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