Never Gonna Give you up

The Blood that Bonds (II AM Trilogy #1)

by: Christopher Buecheler

G: Fantasy, Urban fantasy, Paranormal fiction

Start: 7 Aug. 2016

Finish: 20. April. 2018

Goodreads Reading Challenge 18 out of 50

I don’t like doing reviews of books I don’t particularly like but here goes nothing.

The reading dates alone should tell you how I felt about this book. I hate giving up on books, absolutely abhor it. My reasoning is I know how much hard work an author pours into their writing. It’s not as simple as sitting down and jotting down whatever funny idea pops into your head. I know it takes time. It takes hard work and dedication to create something that will garner attention from agents, publishers/editors, and readers. So, when I read a book that doesn’t grab me right away I take the time to read at least halfway through to see if I really don’t like it. I give every book I buy/rent a fair chance to crawl into my subconscious and stake a claim. This book had all the right things to hook me and make me a fan but alas I am not. I tried so hard and even thought about giving a higher rating on Goodreads because it showed good effort/ideas, but I didn’t want to just because I felt bad. I rate the books I read on how I genuinely feel about them, and I didn’t want the rest of my reviews to lose meaning by not being honest. If that makes sense. I looked through some of the comments on Goodreads and there were people who loved it and it made me realize that I don’t have to love every book just because I love books. It’s crazy to think that everyone will love every book they ever read. Long story short, I will not be continuing the series, but if you are interested look them up.

The book had some strong ideas which attracted me but overall, in my opinion, they could have been executed better. For instance there were different strains of vampires and the blood of these strains gave the vampires different characteristics, basically each blood type had a different affect on them. I would’ve loved more back story on this. I thought that was a fresh idea, because I have never read of something like that or watched any movie like that. More exploration into that would’ve made me happy to keep on reading. There were also half-vampires and vampires could revert back to humanity. That intrigued me as well and was another good focal point. I felt that it focused too much on the main character’s love life and with some action here and there. Then we had the story of her lover’s back story but that was told in snippets and really didn’t have too much to do with what was going on, so I didn’t see the point of inclusion. Basically I wished that it was either romance or action. Sometimes when books try to do too much of both it ends up losing the subject. I think in order to do both effectively one side has to be more than the other. So, instead of 50-50 it should have been like 70-30, or 60-40. Any of those would have rectified my issues with it. It had a very good plot it just sadly wasn’t grabbing me. The last thing that I took issue with was when the character’s would write notes and for some reason it was vertical instead of horizontal. So all the notes read like so:






I almost threw my phone, it was an ebook, each time I came to a note. Anyway, this review is in no way a slight or a PSA telling you not to read it. If you are curious check out other reviews on and make your own decision. This is just one reveiw from one person who read the book. My words is not is law, so please don’t take any offense to this. It is just my humble opinion.


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