Chivalrous Romance

Duels & Deception

by: Cindy Anstey

G: Fiction, Historical Romance, Chivalric Romance

Start: 24.April.18

Finish: 24.April.18

Goodreads Reading Challenge: 21-50

So, I am a sucker for historical romances. ANything with petticoats, witty verbal smack downs, and forbidden (sometimes unrequited) love has me hooked. There’s something wholesome about love in the 1800’s that is so fascinating to me. That being said this book was right up my alley.

Lydia Whitfield was a smart young woman who understood how the world worked and the family business, much to her uncle’s chagrin. She was “over educated” for a girl because she was the son her father never had. In her father’s passing he set up a plan to make sure that she and the rest of the immediate family were well provided for.

But what happens when love interferes?

Level-headed Lydia no longer has it all figured out as her heart races for the new man who entered her life so unexpectedly. What will she chose?



Security for her family and herself?


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