There and Back Again, Indeed

The Hobbit

by: J.R.R. Tolkien

G: Fantasy

Start: 1.April.18

Finish: 5.May.18

Goodreads Reading Challenge: 24-50

In the beginning Bilbo complained a lot. He wanted to go home, sit in his nice chair and eat his first, second, and third breakfast’s in peace. He was not at all prepared for this adventure, mentally or physically. His sense of adventure, or his Tookish side, was buried deep within him. But after months of hardships the Took side finally outweighed the Baggins side tenfold.

He was coming up with plans, that were beneficial, and making moves unprompted. He went from being scared and hungry all the time to a seasoned schemer and burglar. He really grew into quite the adventurer.

Would he do it again?

Hard pass, but he revelled in his adventures and mishaps well into his old age.

This is a great way to dive into The Lord of the Rings trilogy. It sets up a nice rich back story to all the events that transpire years later with Frodo. This was a great read filled with imaginative imagery and Tolkien’s witty and warm voice.


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