Conspiracy Theories

Ship of Secrets

by: Russell Bernstein

G: Sci-fi/Fantasy

Start: 1.May.18


Goodreads Reading Challenge: 25 out of 50

I was asked to read and give an honest review of this book by its author. So, Here is my honest review.

The book was set at sea on a battle cruiser which was refitted to house thousands of people. It had homes, stores, a cafeteria, a library, school, a movie theater, etc. Basically it was a floating small town.


There was a world war, refered to as the “Great War,” and after all the bombs went off the land was inhabitable. apparently they were greater than the bombs that went off in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which sounds completely crazy but also believable with the direction the world is taking. But that’s neither here or there.

The concept was interesting because it’s a dystopian universe but set entirely on a ship. This book reminded me of The 100, because of the similar premise, and I love that show so I was intrigued by the idea. I kept reading because it was an intriguing story.

The main character, Miranda Watkins, was a rule breaker and naturally curious. So, of course trouble happened to follow her from the beginning to the end of the book. Miranda unearths a secret and she doesn’t stop until she stumbles face forward into the truth.

There was a conspiracy, up held by powerful people, that she tries to bring to light no matter the cost. She is a likeable character because she fights for the people who don’t even know they are being duped. She risks her own neck for these people.

I suggest reading this book if you are into:

  • Dystopian universes
  • adventure
  • Strong female characters
  • or Ships🚢

The only thing that I didn’t like that the narrator mentions the title of the book. I feel that, that can be a little cheesy to do, but regardless of that it was a good, quick read.


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