Japanese Gods

Kamisama Kiss

by: Julietta Suzuki

G: Manga, Romance

Start: 8.May.18

Finish: 8.May.18

Goodreads Reading Challenge: 26 out of 50

I’ve been wanting to find more Manga and graphic novels to read, and I came across this one. The premise seemed interesting enough so I got it. It was interesting but I don’t think I’ll continue the series. It was  a Manga about gods, shrines, and other magical creatures.

I enjoyed it because it gave me a view into Japanese culture. It brought up traditions that were carried on in the past and that are still carried on today. With past Manga, Yona and Death Note, I didn’t really get to see the culture so I really enjoyed that aspect. It was intriguing and very informative.

Although I found it interesting it didn’t make me want to read more. The concept was good but the characters didn’t really hook me. I couldn’t really relate to them or bring myself to care about them. They seemed like typical Manga characters, although the main character was funny at times.

There wasn’t an aspect of realness to grab ahold of me and make me care. The main character was super cutesy but could be tough when it mattered, but she didn’t understand the gravity of her situation. She thought she could just walk away, but she was the new local deity; there was nowhere she could go that someone wouldn’t find her. She remained positive no matter how many curveballs life threw her way. I admired that about her, but I won’t be continuing the series.


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